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“Thank you so much! I’m telling everyone I know how great the program is!
Everything is right there…no more searching! I can’t tell you how many
hours you’ve saved me!”

Lynne Ashberry -Goodfellow Public School


“I was a music major at the University of Western Ontario and find this
series to be wonderful. My non-music teaching friends, of course, greatly
appreciate it too! It really is the answer to the music curriculum!”

Laurie Rosezeler


My students and I are enjoying Teacher's  Choice....  We are on lesson 3.
I am also incorporating some other lessons that I normally cover with 2nd.
I like this approach and the students are enjoying the lessons. The
students especially enjoy the recorded tracks they are excellent.  


I am a teacher working at a Catholic school in Brampton.  After seeing your
teaching manuals at a summer workshop, I was very impressed.  I suggested
purchasing your program to my principal and she agreed.  I have been using
your program for almost a year now and I love it!  The lessons are very
straightforward and easy(even for a musically-challenged teacher like
myself!).  I am just writing to say thank you. 



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